A Brief Introduction To Cite This For Me

A Brief Introduction To Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is an online citation tool for students and researchers to cite multiple types of sources. In this article, I’d like to provide a brief introduction to the tool.

The major advantage of Cite This For Me1 is that it can cite multiple types of sources, not merely limited to journal articles. Here is the screenshot that shows the reference types the tool supports:


As we can see in above screenshot, the tool can support various types of reference types. This is especially useful when you want to refer to some online resources in academic citation styles.

Though for standard journal papers it usually doesn’t allow to refer to resources like blogs or multimedia resources, but for writing blogs or online articles, it’s usually useful to cite various kinds of online sources. So the ability to support the citations of various types of resources is valuable.

Now let me demonstrate the usage of the tool. For example, I want to generate a citation my own blog site. Firstly, I need to click the icon for adding a website like this:


Then the Autocite dialog will popup, and I could input the URL of my own blog site like this:


The next step is to click the autocite button as shown in above screenshot, and then the basic info of the target website will be automatically fetched:


Then I can click the Final step button as shown above, and it will be redirected to the edit page:


In above page, we can review and modify the info as shown above. After everything is done, we can click the Add reference button to add the citation entry:


We can see from above screenshot a citation entry for my blog site is generated2, and we can see the citation style is currently Chicago. Nevertheless, the Cite This For Me supports a wide range of citation styles, and here is the screenshot of the style list:


We can try to change the citation style to IEEE:


Finally, we can copy and paste the citation text for our own usages. At the end of this article, you can check the references. They are generated by the Cite This For Me and it’s using the Chicago citation style.


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