(Java) Relationship of Reactive Stream and Reactor Projects

The reactivestreams project define the standard APIs in this field:

Here are the core interfaces:

The above interfaces are the core structures defined in org.reactivestreams.

Another popular project, spring-reactor, implements the above standard project:

In the project, there are two important classes, Flux and Mono, implements CorePublisher, and CorePublisher implements Publisher interface from org.reactivestream:

From above we can see both Flux and Mono are implementations of Publisher.

In JBoss Mutiny, it has support to the reactor project:

In above module of Mutiny, it provides a series of helpers to convert Reactor classes:

From above we can see the adapter provides multiple methods to convert Flux and Mono to Mutiny classes.

In addition RxJava also provides adaptor like this:

Which I won’t explore in this post.

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