Javascript Arrow Function `this` Scope

Here is an example showing the difference of this in ordinary function and arrow function:

o1 = {
    f1: function () {
    f2: () => {

Here is the output:

> o1.f1()
{ f1: [Function: f1], f2: [Function: f2] }

From above we can see the this in f1() refers to o1 itself. Here is the result of f2():

> o1.f2()
<ref *1> Object [global] {
  global: [Circular *1],
  clearInterval: [Function: clearInterval],
  clearTimeout: [Function: clearTimeout],
  setInterval: [Function: setInterval],
  setTimeout: [Function: setTimeout] {
    [Symbol(nodejs.util.promisify.custom)]: [Getter]
  queueMicrotask: [Function: queueMicrotask],
  performance: [Getter/Setter],
  clearImmediate: [Function: clearImmediate],
  setImmediate: [Function: setImmediate] {
    [Symbol(nodejs.util.promisify.custom)]: [Getter]
  foo: [Function: foo],
  foo2: [Function: foo2],
  obj: { num: 42 },
  num: 2020,
  l: [Function: l],
  l2: [Function: l2],
  o1: { f1: [Function: f1], f2: [Function: f2] }

From above we can see with the arrow function, this refers to the parent global object in nodejs(in browser, it refers to the global window object).


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