Javascript / Function is an object

In JavaScript web page it says functions are first-class objects:

Here is the code to set a property x to the function:

f = function ppp() {
    if (ppp.x === 42) {
    console.log("1. ppp ->", ppp);
    ppp.x = 42;
    console.log("2. ppp ->", ppp);
    console.log("typeof ppp ->", typeof ppp);
    console.log("3. ppp.x -> ", ppp.x);

In above code we set a property x to ppp function itself, and call itself recursively. Here is the running result:

From above we can see the property x is set, and function is called recursively.

In addition we can also set a function to a function itself:

In above code we can see a f() function is added to ppp() function itself. Running the above code will get the result in below:

From above we can see the ppp.f() function can be called properly.

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